Jaw Crusher BB 300

Jaw Crusher BB 300

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Jaw Crusher BB 300

(please order collecting receptacle separately)

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The BB 300 is available with different breaking jaw and wearing plate materials which allows for contamination-free crushing without undesired material abrasion.

Please note:

The material of the crushing tools should be harder than the sample to be crushed.

For further information on materials please see the document "Material Composition of Equipment and Accessories" at the end of the order data list.

  • Manganese steel (density 7.8 g/cm3; hardness 35 HRC):
    Used for crushing medium-hard to hard and brittle sample materials. As manganese steel is compacted under pressure, the material becomes harder over time. 

  • Stainless steel (density 7.8 g/cm3; hardness 550 HV):
    Used for crushing medium-hard to hard, brittle, non-corrosive sample materials. 

  • Tungsten carbide (density 14.8 g/cm3; hardness 1200 HV):
    Used for crushing very hard, brittle sample materials (with a Mohs-hardness up to 7-8). By using tungsten carbide, contamination of the sample with iron is prevented.

  • Steel 1.1750/1.0344 (density 7.8 g/cm3; hardness 52-60 HRC):
    Mainly used for crushing medium-hard to hard and brittle sample materials. For heavy-metal-free sample homogenization.
breaking jaws / wearing plates
BB 3003/N~ 400 V, 50 Hzmanganese steel / stainless steel
BB 3003/N~ 400 V, 50 Hzstainless steel / stainless steel
BB 3003/N~ 400 V, 50 Hztungsten carbide / stainless steel
BB 3003/N~ 400 V, 50 Hzsteel 1.1750 / steel 1.0344,
for grinding without heavy-metal contamination 
BB 3003~ 400 V, 50 Hztungsten carbide / tungsten carbide, all parts coming
into contact with the sample are heavy-metal-free 
other electrical versions available for the same price

Accessories BB 300


05.045.0048Collecting receptacle
galvanized steel
27.5 litres
05.045.0049Collecting receptacle
35.4 litres
22.906.0001Carriage for collecting receptacle, capacity up to 150 kg
22.048.0007Breaking jaws
manganese steel
1 pair
22.048.0008Breaking jaws
stainless steel
1 pair
22.048.0021Breaking jaws
tungsten carbide
1 set
22.048.0019Breaking jaws
steel 1.1750
1 pair,
for grinding without heavy-metal contamination
22.711.0004Wearing plates
stainless steel
1 pair
22.711.0013Wearing plates
steel 1.0344
1 pair,
for grinding without heavy-metal contamination
22.351.0004V-belt, 1 set (4 pieces)

Jaw Crusher BB 300 for integration into a system

for integration into a system at the customer’s location, with manufacturer’s declaration according to EC machine directive, with three-phase motor (voltages on request) and central lubrication, without hopper and protective motor switch
breaking jaws / wearing plates 
BB 300manganese steel / stainless steel 
BB 300stainless steel / stainless steel 

Material Composition of Equipment and Accessories

DetailsClick here for detailed information