XRD-Mill McCrone

XRD-Mill McCrone

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XRD-Mill McCrone

incl. 2 grinding jars with screw top lid of PP, 1 pouring lid, 1 loading device
(Please order grinding elements separately)
20.770.0001XRD-Mill McCrone, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

XRD-Mill McCrone complete package

Complete package incl. 2 agate grinding sets (50 grinding elements each), 2 grinding jars with screw top lid of PP, 1 pouring lid, 1 loading device
20.770.1001XRD-Mill McCrone, 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz complete package

Sets of grinding elements

Agate1 set (50 grinding elements) 
Corundum1 set (48 grinding elements) 
02.368.0126Zirconium oxide, 1 set (48 grinding elements)

Accessories for sample preparation

22.460.0001Sample preparation set (stainless steel percussion mortar, 10 corundum grinding elements, 1 sieve 500 µm and 1 brush)
02.368.0124Grinding elements, tungsten carbide, 2 pieces

Additional items

01.462.0356Grinding jar with screw top lid
03.462.0357Pouring lid
03.486.0007Loading device

Material Composition of Equipment and Accessories

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