Fluid Bed Dryer TG 200

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Fluid Bed Dryer TG 200

  incl. clamping lid “comfort” with filter bag (please order drying container separately)
70.760.0001 TG 200, 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
  Drying container TG 200
72.783.0001 Drying container of glass, 6 litres
72.783.0002 Drying container of stainless steel, 6 litres
72.002.0005 Drying container of glass, 3 x 0.3 litres (incl. holder and filter bags)
  Accessories TG 200
72.643.0001 Clamping lid “comfort” with filter insert (exchangeable), incl. 10 replacement filters
72.143.0001 Filter insert for clamping lid “comfort”, 10 pieces
72.107.0002 Clamping lid “comfort” with filter bag
02.186.0015 Filter bag for clamping lid “comfort”
72.107.0001 Lid with filter insert for 0.3 litres drying containers, 3 pieces
03.186.0024 Filter insert for 0.3 litres drying container, 1 piece
02.045.0020 Spare drying container of glass, 0.3 litres, 1 piece
02.186.0004 Filter bag for drying container 0.3 litres, 1 piece
72.001.0005 Adapter for drying sieves 203 mm Ø
72.143.0003 Dust filter for blower, 10 pieces
72.737.0003 Quick-clamping elements for TG 200, 1 pair
72.742.0001 Rods, smooth, 1 pair
99.200.0018 IQ/OQ Documentation for TG 200

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