New Mortar Grinder for Gentle Size Reduction and Homogenization

The famous “Retsch Mill (RM)” is a classic among the mortar grinders. Since 1923 it has been constantly improved and continues to set standards in this product segment. With the model RM 200, RETSCH presents the latest product generation for the gentle grinding of hard, brittle and pasty materials.

The video presentation of the new RM 200 shows the wide range of applications and the operating mode.

In the new RM 200 a revised scraper provides for a more efficient feeding of the material into the area between mortar and pestle. Thus the sample is continuously subjected to the grinding and trituration process while also being thoroughly mixed. The result is a perfectly ground and homogenized product. Thanks to an integrated performance display the pressure of the pestle can be easily adapted to the sample material, thus providing an excellent grinding result.

The benefits of the RM 200 at a glance:

  • Optimized scraper position allows for more efficient and reproducible
    size reduction
  • Shorter grinding times thanks to improved instrument geometry
  • Performance display for easy adjustment of pestle pressure
  • Increased useful volume of 190 ml
  • Extraordinarily fast and uncomplicated change of grinding tools
  • Easier cleaning due to perfected design

The RM 200 can be used for dry and wet grinding and is suitable for various materials such as ceramics, oil seeds, ashes and pharmaceutical products. It can also be used for yeast cell extraction. The grinding sets are available in 7 different materials which allows for sample preparation without cross contamination.



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