New Fluid Bed Dryer for the Lab

In the new RETSCH Fluid Bed Dryer TG 200, a constant flow of warm air keeps the particles to be dried dispersed and separate.

View the new TG 200 Operation & Application Video

The result is a rapid, gentle and uniform drying process without localized overheating or agglomerations and provides a loose, thoroughly mixed product.



The benefits at a glance:


  • Strong blower allows for optimized air flow and increased drying capacity
  • Maximum drying temperature up to 150° C
  • Digital controls for temperature, time and air flow
  • Interval mode for improved mixture of fluidised bed
  • 9 parameter combinations can be stored
  • Safe and easy handling


Compared to conventional drying ovens, processing times in the TG 200 range from only 5 to 20 minutes which can amount to a considerable saving in time. The TG 200 can be easily adapted to various applications. Typical samples include coal, fertilizers, plants, pharmaceutical products, plastics, soils and waste. The dryer can also be used for the quick drying of test sieves or other laboratory items. Different types of containers (0.3 l and 6 l)  are available for the TG 200 as well as a choice of exhaust air filtering systems.


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