A Retsch sieve shaker is always reliable

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A sieve shaker from Retsch is a model in quality control. We realize what kind of work our customers need to do: precise, exact and above all, consistent. Regardless of the grain size you have, our equipment can give you the results you need.

sieve shaker

After nine decades of operation, Retsch is still committed to not only achieving the goals set forth by its customers, but also maintaining and creating the necessary knowledge in order to deliver the highest quality, cutting edge technology that our name is synonymous with. Our entire product range - from sieves to crushers to our software - is designed with the close collaboration of universities and research centers, ensuring that our customers receive the best product that is available. On top of that, we are DIN and ISO 9001:2000 certified, which means that not only will you get the best product, but also a safe and reliable one.

We also recognize the need to have different models of our products, because we know that our customers need a diverse set of tools to do their work. Because of this, a wide range of grain sizes and particle sizes are no problem to work with when you have a Retsch sieve shaker: quality you can trust.