A mixer mill for all occasions

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A mixermill from Retsch will get the job done. At Retsch, we aim to provide the best possible quality for our customers. But we also want to provide solutions for our customers - practical, worthwhile and efficient solutions. Therefore, we have developed mills that serve multiple purposes, whether it is grinding, mixing or breaking down materials; we know that having one machine to do all the jobs, and do all the jobs right, will be a major advantage for your employees and the processes of your workplace.


As we innovate in terms of research, development and customer service, we also keep up with the latest safety standards put forth by the ISO and DIN standards. By adhering to their guidelines, while at the same time breaking new ground with top of the line machines, we provide our customers with the equipment, knowledge and trust that at Retsch, they will always find the solutions they need. After ninety years in the business, we have not rested on past success, but we do draw upon past experience in order to find new ways ahead in an ever-changing world.

When the need for precision and diversity comes your way, we hope that a mixermill from Retsch is the choice you make.