A ball mill for all grinding and milling needs

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A classic piece of equipment for any lab is the ball mill. As we know, this piece takes care of general grinding and milling, but here at Retsch, we see our ware not only as a simple pulverizer, but as a precision instrument with exact communition properties - giving you precision results every time, without the variation that you cannot afford.

ball mill

Throughout our nine decades in the business of providing our customers with quality products, we have developed methods and techniques of ensuring that what we produce is of the highest quality, and that our customers can carry on with their work, using our products. One way we have done this is our continual, working relationships with universities and research centers; this allows us to stay within the world of research, the world of cutting edge development. With this knowledge, we are able to provide the best build quality, and thus the best product for our customers.

When a ball mill is what you need to meet your needs, then we know that the right choice lies here.